Our Functions

Ara FunctionThe combination of the HiFlex upper and the Dynergy outsole allows the foot to move in a completely new dimension. The soft and supple upper features various flexible areas. It adapts perfectly to fit the foot, offering stabilisation. No pressure: just a sense of wellbeing.
Ara FunctionThe fundamental idea behind the development of HighSoft was to take the comfort of a trainer and integrate this into our pumps and ballerina shoes.The combination of an ultra-soft upper material, a highly flexible outsole, and a soft, padded insole results in the indescribable comfort of wearing a HighSoft.
Ara FunctionWith their exceptional insulating properties and excellent moisture management system, Gore-Tex models from ara ensure that your feet remain at a comfortable temperature. The centrepiece is the waterproof, breathable and durable Gore-Tex membrane, which was specially developed to guarantee dry feet and unbeatable comfort whatever the weather. Even in extreme weather conditions, your feet are excellently protected.
Ara FunctionOur changeable footbeds are the foundation of your wellbeing. They can easily be removed from the shoe, and replaced with your own inserts. So your shoes can easily adapt to meet the requirements of your feet, without having to compromise on fashion or miss out on current trends.
Ara FunctionThe unique lamellar structure of this sole guarantees optimum malleability. It is aligned at the front and back depending on the sole area. This gives a dynamic cushioning effect when rolling from the heel towards the toe.
Ara FunctionBoth you and your feet will love this feeling. The terry cloth lining and insole from ara are made using environmentally-friendly bamboo fibres, and are especially soft and kind to feet. The fibre's unique micro-structure guarantees excellent moisture absorption and exceptional breathability. Compared to cotton, bamboo absorbs noticeably more moisture and dries faster, ensuring a comfortable foot climate.