Fusion 4 - code

The 4 in Fusion4 represents the 4 ways in which the foot individually finds it’s fit:
  • Upwards
  • To the sides
  • On the diagonal
  • Downwards

ara styles featuring Fusion4 combine two main components:

  • HiFlex Upper – multi zone knitted OR stretch upper, with a dynamically flexible mode of operation, is designed specially for the anatomy of the foot. It stretches in all the right places ensuring a comfortable fit while maintaining stability.
  • Dynergy Sole – equipped with a special lamellar structure which takes the shape of the whole foot perfectly, and varies in the way that it yields to pressure and motion in the forefoot and heel. Once pressure is removed, the special fins return to their previous shape instantly providing support back to the foot. The result is superb comfort for all day wear, without fatigue.