Technology Spotlight: ara's Dynergy Sole

Posted by Andrew Agati on

Our Fusion4 technology focuses on the four ways the foot finds its fit: upwards, to the sides, diagonally, and downwards. The superior fit is achieved through a dynamically flexible HiFlex Upper, that stretches in all the right places and a Dynergy sole that varies in the way it yields to pressure and motion in the forefoot and heel. With our HiFlex Upper and Dynergy sole, the result is superb comfort without fatigue.

The Dynergy sole features double cushioning to absorb the impact on the foot and distributes pressure across the sole to stabilize the step. Specifically engineered to turn the energy produced while walking into momentum for the next step, ara shoes with the Dynergy sole, create less fatigue. The Dynergy sole has maximum flexion and twist, another way our Fusion4 Technology delivers what you need to take you from day to night.

There’s nothing like walking on ara.

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